Innovation is at the heart of Keck Chimie’s strategy. Equipped with a laboratory and advanced technology, Keck Chimie develops products that meet the needs of various markets: leather, polyurethane and plastics.

Our aim is to :FotoliaComp_58238013_8AyoB735segQ68FxbhIWnCRQyu1kA8L8

  • The ensure the safety and protect the health of all customers and users.
  • To offer efficient products that meet market expectations.
  • To meet specific standards and requirements.
  • To offer eco-friendly products.
  • To ensure that the products we develop are easy to use.


To achieve this we have effective resources :

  • An advanced laboratory and technology
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Testing machines that reproduce customer use conditions.
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Here are a few lines of our recent developments :

  • Innovative packaging: saving time and increasing productivity and cleanliness at the work station.
  • Strategic partnerships with reliable suppliers who offer quality, durable products that are safe for users and the environment.
  • Eco-friendly: a focus on green products and technologies. Commitment to a continuous improvement process.