Water based inmould coating (IMC) – 1305 – 2 component paint (2K)


The demand of water based products has significantly increased over the last years for ecological and safety reasons.

Therefore the company Keck has decided to invest a big part of its R&D in the development of water based products. Those products are so performant as the solvent based one. It is important to follow our technical instructions in order to achieve satisfactory results.

Our laboratory has recently developed the water based inmold coating 1305 : for the injection of polyurethane pieces such as steering wheels, arm rests and various polyurethane articles.

The 1305 inmould coating (IMC) is a 2 component paint (2 K) and therefore has to be mixed with a hardener according to the following mixing ratio : 100 parts of IMC 1305, 10 parts of hardener 848/1. The pot life of the mixed product is a approximately 8 hours.

Priori to spray the 1305 IMC, it is important to apply a release agent onto the mould. We recommend the release agents 1801/3 and 1801/9 for getting the best results.

Then the 1305 IMC can be sprayed on uniform way onto the mould. A spray gun with a nozzle of 1 to 2 mm can be used and a air pressure of 3 to 4 bars. It is also important to spray the IMC with a certain distance onto the mould. We recommend 20 to 30 cm.

The evaporation time depends on the mould temperature (we are getting the best results at temperature of 55 to 60°C) and the quantity of the IMC sprayed. We noticed that in most cased a drying time of 30 seconds is sufficient.

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