Special adhesives

The assembly of TR, rubber, PU, PVC or leather soles on leathers with a high oil content or on synthetic fabrics requires the use of high-performance adhesives.

Our Keck PUR adhesives meet these criteria. We have mastered polymerisation techniques for more than 25 years. We select raw materials that deliver:

  • an immediate high tack after pressing with a hard film
  • versatility. The same adhesive can be used for a wide variety of soles
  • high temperature resistance to 80-85°C in one-component form and 110-115°C with hardener
  • good  humidity and hydrolysis  behaviour

Application of adhesive 901/1 SP by robot for gluing two injected rubber soles

Injection of the first rubber sole

Application of adhesive 901/1 SP colourless by robot

Application of the second rubber sole

Range 901/1 For the vulcanization of nitrile rubber. Manual or spray gun application (KECK SPECIAL 901/1 SP) on carded leather uppers. Technical notice
Safety data sheet
Range 911/15 Special primer for the treatment of EVA type soles before bonding with KECK PUR adhesive. Technical notice
Safety data sheet
Range 912 Special adhesive for direct TR injection on leather or synthetic uppers. Use with 5-8% KECK DUR 850 hardener.. Technical notice
Safety data sheet
Range 925/1 Natural rubber-based adhesive for joint work. Requires prior application to one side. Can also be used during the internal lining work of uppers or toe-puffs in cases where it is very important not to significantly alter leather flexibility. Technical notice
Safety data sheet