Paints, varnishes & screen-printing inks

 Paints and varnishes are a part of our other chemicals for industry.

The paints and varnishes we supply are essentially for use in two sectors:

  • Footwear, for which we offer paints for soles and varnishes for heels,
  • The automotive industry, to which we supply paints for steering wheels


Our range of paints and varnishes

Paints for PVC soles

We offer products for spray application, brush application, sponge application, and combined PU/PVC paint which can be spray- or brush-applied.

Paints for polyurethane and TPU soles

These paints products are intended for tank mixing and for polyester foam. Paints for soles

Paints for TR soles

We offer protective spray products which can be applied by spray gun or brush.

Paints for rubber and EVA soles

Spray-applied paints for rubber and EVA

Varnish for ABS and polystyrene heels

We can provide high-performance release agents, both solvent-based and water-based, that can be adapted to your particular requirements.

Screen-printing inks

Screen-printing inks are intended for the manufacture of sports equipment (footballs, handballs, rugby and basketballs), but also used in the plastics and footwear industries for printing logos.