Mono density polyester release agents

The products in range 1501 are ready to use, oil-based release agents giving a gloss surface to the sole. Note that this product gives excellent mould release and low mould fouling.


Range 9722 The products in range 9722 are concentrated release agents to be diluted with solvents. Various mixing ratios are possible. Fiche technique Safety Data Sheet


Ready to use

Range 1501 Eco-friendly silicone-based release agent. Gives a semi-gloss appearance to the finished item. This release agent, which is economical in use, is ideally applied with a spray gun with a nozzle size of 0.3 to 0.5 mm. Fiche technique Safety Data Sheet



Range 1801/40 1801/1840 is a concentrated water-based release agent for polyurethane foam. The mixing ratio depends on the foam system. It is recommended that this release agent is used with a ratio of 1 part 1801/40: 1-2 parts water. For compact, high density foams or with an in-mould coating, it can be used with a lower concentration. Fiche technique Fiche de sécurité
Range 1801/51 1801/51 is a ready to use water-based release agent for polyether foam. Use with air pressure of 2 bar, spray gun nozzle with diameter of 0.3 mm and material pressure of 0.8 bar. The distance between the spray gun and the mould must be 20 to 30 cm. If possible, accelerate the drying time by spraying with compressed air. Allow enough time for the mould to be completely dry, otherwise the water residue could disrupt the polyurethane surface Fiche technique Fiche de sécurité