Water based inmould coating (IMC) – 1300 – 1 component paint

volant-actuThe demand of water based products has significantly increased over the last years for ecological and safety reasons.

Therefore the company Keck has decided to invest a big part of its R&D in the development of water based products. Those products are so performant as the solvent based one. It is important to follow our technical instructions in order to achieve satisfactory results.

Our laboratory has recently developed the water based inmold coating 1300 : for the injection of polyurethane pieces such as steering wheels, arm rests and various polyurethane articles.

The IMC 1300 is a mono component product and therefore can be used without hardener.

Prior to spray the 130 IMC, it is very important to apply a release agent onto the mould. For better performances, we recommend following release agent : 1801/3 or 1801/9.

After the release agent application, the 1300 IMC can be sprayed onto the mould. We recommend to use a spray gun with a nozzle of 1 to 2 mm, a air pressure of 3 to 4 bars and to apply the IMC with a distance of 20 to 30 cm to the mould.

The drying time depends on the mould temperature (a temperature of 60 to 65°C is giving the best results) and the quantity of paint applied onto the mould. However we observed that a waiting time of 30 seconds is in most cases sufficient.

1300 gives a good resistance to abrasion. Nevertheless it is possible to increase those property in adding 859 hardener inside the paint. The mixing ratio will be as follow : 100 grams of inmould coating and 4 grams of hardener 859.

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