Water based release agent 1801/83 – mat.

agent-demoulageThe demand of water based products has significantly increased for ecological and safety reasons.

Therefore Keck has decided to invest a big part of its R&D in the development of water based products. Those products are so performant as the solvent based one. It is important to follow our technical instructions in order to achieve satisfactory results.

Our laboratory has recently developed the water based release agent 1801/83 for polyeter polyurethane unit soles or polyeter soles directly injected onto uppers.

The product 1801/38 gives a shiny outlook to the soles, once injected.

We recommend to use a spray gun with a 0.3 mm nozzle and to use following pressures : air pressure : 3 to 4 bars, material pressure : 0.8 bar.

The temperature of the mould should be approximately 50°C in order to get the best results.

It is important to keep a certain distance, 20 to 30 cm, between the spray gun and the mould in order to obtain a uniform release agent film inside the mould.

The product 1801/38 is drying quite fast. However it is important to wait minimum 2 minutes before injecting the polyurethane. Another option can be to use a airsrpay gun in order to accelerate the drying time and inject faster the polyurethane foam.

1801/54, contrary to other existing products, causes less build up inside the mould. The outlook of the final product is mat and the surface uniform.

We recommend to store this product in a room at stable temperature, not under 10 °C and not above 45°C.

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