The company


The Keck Group has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise since it was founded in 1900. We offer a wide range of products for the footwear, leather goods, sports  and automotive industries.

As production methods, materials and fashion needs evolved, Jakob Keck Chemie GmbH gradually developed a wide range of high quality products from its base in Pirmasens, Germany.

Given increasing international demand, the Spanish subsidiary Chelafi S.A. (focused especially on the automotive industry) was founded in 1975 in Alicante, and later renamed Keck Espana.  In 1980 Keck Chimie S.A. was founded at Ingwiller, France, together with an agency in Cholet equipped with a paint-mixing plant.

Keck Chimie, an innovative ISO 9001-certified company, manufacturing products for the footwear and leather goods industry.

The company has diversified into two new divisions :

  • The automotive industry, where Keck Chimie offers release agents as well as in-mould coatings (IMC)


Worldwide presence