At Keck Chimie, we have developed many useful chemical products for the automotive sector: industrial adhesives, release agents, colouring pastes and in-mould coatings.

More specifically, we offer you release agents for polyurethane parts (seats, steering wheels, dashboards, interior headliners, boot carpets), adhesives for technical parts (steering wheels),in-mould coatings (IMCs) and pigment pastes (steering wheels). With our products, all things automotive become a lasting passion.


Find the product you need

Which sector ?

  • Automotive
  • Foam
  • Footwear
  • Leather Goods

Which type of product?

  • Automotive adhesives
  • Edge paints for leather goods
  • Finishing products
  • Foam adhesives
  • Footwear adhesives
  • In-mould coatings
  • Leather adhesives
  • Paints, varnishes & inks
  • Pigment pastes
  • Pigment pastes
  • Reinforcing fabrics for leather goods
  • Release agents
  • Release agents
  • Toe puffs, stiffeners
  • Autres

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