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Our mission: Make sure things are perfectly stable.
Whether it is a question of objects, human relations or corporate structure.


A few key dates :

Jakob Keck founded the company Keck Chemicals, in a residential building at 13 Lemberger Straße in Pirmasens.

At that time, the company specialised in the production of industrial wax for wooden floors and shoe polish.

Erich Schorr, the great-nephew of the company’s founder, brought his experience in the chemical industry to the family business and extended the product range by developing adhesives, varnishes and pigment pastes.

The era saw the introduction of plastics into footwear manufacturing.

The rise of trainers. New materials emerged for the manufacturing of soles. Polyurethane conquered the footwear industry, and Keck Chimie was once again one of the companies at the forefront of this technology.

With growing international demand, the company expanded.

Creation of the Spanish subsidiary Chelafi SA. 1980. Creation of Keck Chimie SA, in Ingwiller, Alsace. At the same time, a distribution warehouse and paint-mixing plant opened in Cholet, Anjou, France.

Keck Chimie France quickly established itself as the market leader in the footwear industry.

KECK developed new products for the automotive and engineering industries.

Keck Chimie, an ISO-9001-certified innovative company, manufactures products for the footwear and leather goods sector.

The company has diversified into two new sectors, including the automotive sector, for which Keck Chimie offers release agents and in-mould coatings (IMC).

Keck Chimie has a presence on every continent. To celebrate a century of industrial adventure, we are rethinking our brand image for the 21st century.










More than a century of experience,
for constant quality

With more than a century of experience, we have developed a vision that cannot be easily summed up.


We bear the responsibility for a family history, the will to perpetuate a legacy and excellence that honour the past.


We are the product of a series of decisions that, when put together, have made us unique.



Our history,
our innovations

We cherish this history, this different way of understanding our profession.


We maintain these great principles that have made us different: the sense of proximity and flexibility within our medium-sized company allows us to guarantee the consistency of our quality.


We are not innovating to be remembered, but to leave those who will come after us with a path to follow.


It is for sustainability that we are constantly facing the challenge of innovation: in our adaptation to the changing times and in the new formulas that have yet to be invented.

The company

The company

More than just adhesives

Our longevity is due to much more than just selling good products. It is based on a promise built on tangible realities.

More than just adhesives, let’s share with you a place in history.


The experience and reliability of a century's existence





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We want you to have the same confidence in our industrial chemicals as we have in people. We have total confidence in our customers and employees. The human qualities that drive us every day are reflected in the products we design and manufacture.

We are not interested in offering just a decent service and a decent industrial chemical product. We want to offer the very best. This is the reason why we are constantly improving our production and management methods. We want to meet the demands of our customers in the best possible way and to provide our employees with an optimal working environment.

Making our industrial adhesives last is our mission. Time is a key element in their application. It is also the case in all the steps preceding their application. We are constantly working to respond to you in a timely manner because we believe that the quality of a relationship reflects the ability to react.

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  • Adhesives for sports equipment manufacturing
  • Chemical products automotive
  • Chemical products footwear
  • Chemical products leather goods
  • Industrial adhesives foam
  • Industrial adhesives sports equipment

Which type of product?

  • Agents de démoulage
  • Agents de démoulage
  • Automotive adhesives
  • Bouts, contreforts
  • Colles pour l'automobile
  • Colles pour les chaussures
  • Colles pour maroquinerie
  • Colles pour mousse
  • Edge paints for leather goods
  • Finishing products
  • Foam adhesives
  • Footwear adhesives
  • In-mould coatings
  • Leather adhesives
  • Paints, varnishes & inks
  • Pâtes colorantes
  • Pâtes colorantes
  • Peintures fond de moule
  • Peintures tranches pour maroquinerie
  • Peintures, vernis & encres
  • Pigment pastes
  • Pigment pastes
  • Produits de finissage
  • Reinforcing fabrics for leather goods
  • Release agents
  • Release agents
  • Toe puffs, stiffeners
  • Toiles de renforts maroquinerie
  • Autres

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