Discover our other chemicals for industry for different sectors of activity.

Do you want a wax-look or a satin gloss finish ? Do you want to make a colour uniform or repair patent leather ? Keck finishing products are used in the footwear sector and also in the leather goods sector. 


Our range of finishing products

Waxes for manual application

Wax pastes for cloth or sponge application

Waxes for spray gun application

Wax pastes for cloth or sponge application


Polyurethane- and acrylic-based product for use on delicate fine leathers such as kid and calf

Polishs & finishs


Waterproofing finish spray for nubuck, leather, etc.

Shining and polishing wax

Abrasive, burnishing, polishing waxes, etc.

Repair paints

Paints for repair of smooth leather, solvent-based for manual or spray gun application, etc.

Repair pastes and repair pens

We can supply water-based, cellulose- and solvent-based repair paints, etc.

Edge paints

Dispersion-based edge paint, to be applied using a spray gun or brush.