Finishing products

Adapted finishing solutions

Finishing products

Adapted finishing solutions

Do you prefer a wax finish or a satin shine? Would you like to even out a stain, or repair patent leather? Tell us about your project and together we will find the finishing solution that best suits your needs.


Our rich and very complete range of finishing products will meet your expectations: thanks to our waxes, finishes, polishes, sprays or waterproofing, your shoes will look eternal new!

All our waxing and finishing products

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water-based product preventing whitish traces on LACTAE HEVEA


Oily finish for leather with high fat content. Allows to obtain a good smooth touch.


Water-based. Oily finish for leather with high fat content. Allows to obtain a good smooth touch.


Waxing range for a soft touch and shine on all leathers. Available in various shades. (Apply by hand).


Finishing of synthetic materials (PVC, PUR, TR).

All our polish and spray products

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Velvet restorer. Colourless and water-based to refresh the colour of leather.


Leather upholstery. Allows to “fill” absorbent, open leather uppers before applying the finish in question.


Water-based polish. Suitable for closed leathers, allows to obtain a high degree of shine (kidskin). Natural shine, pleasant touch


Combi finish. Available in different degrees of shine.


Nubuck and velvet sprays to refresh and even out leathers.

Leather hardeners and softeners

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All our waterproofing products

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Water-based waterproofing


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Paste 2183

Repairs patent leather. Available in various shades.

Paste 2184

Water-based, to prepare traditional repairs to damaged or over-carded leathers. It fills and smooths the leather fibres. Available in various shades.

COMBI 6980 Paint

Repairs leather and synthetic materials. Available in various shades. (Apply with a brush or a glue gun).


Polishing wax. Available in standard, black, brown-toned and colourless.


Abrasive wax. Available in standard, black, brown-toned and colourless


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We want you to be able to place the same trust in our products as we place in people. We have total confidence in our customers and employees and we try to remind them of this as often as possible.
We believe that the qualities we put into human relationships are reflected in the products we conceive and manufacture.

We are not interested in just offering a decent service and product. We want to offer the best that can be done in both cases.
This is why we are always refining our production methods and management practices, so that we can handle our customers requests as well as possible and enable our employees to develop in an optimal working environment

Time and adhesives are inseparable.
The former is a key element in the latter’s application. This is also the case in all the steps before that.
Because we believe that the quality of a relationship reflects the ability to react, we constantly strive to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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