Pigment pastes

A stable and high-quality paste

Pigment pastes

A stable and high-quality paste

As long-standing partners of polyurethane sole manufacturers and with our experience in paints for soles, we have developed a range of pigment pastes for polyurethane foam soles.


These chemical products designed for footwear are manufactured from pigments selected for their stability and excellent quality.

All our white pigment pastes

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Adapted for polyether and polyester foam, can be mixed in the injection head and barrel. Versatile product with very good UV resistance.

All our black pigment pastes

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Adapted for polyether and polyester, batch and dosing use.

All our pigment pastes after cuts

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Adapted for polyether and polyester, batch and mixing use. Phthalate-free.


Adapted for polyether and polyester, batch and mixing use.


Adapted for polyether and polyester, batch use.


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