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Leather goods reinforcement fabrics

A variety of high qualify reinforcement fabrics

Our reinforcement fabrics are available in different thicknesses and strengths to meet the specific demands of the leather goods sector.


Used with our industrial adhesives for leather goods, our reinforcing fabrics are made with different types of textiles, the material (composite, often made of cotton) being adapted to its holder.


We also have biodegradable reinforcing fabrics, such as FOREBIO, for quality products in line with your environnmental concerns.

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Extruded thermoplastic fabric for flexible and moderately rigid toe puffs and stiffeners. Available with polyester, PUR, EVA coatings. Undeformable, does not deteriorate. Available in different thicknesses.


Extruded composite materials for leather reinforcements. Available with polyester, PUR, EVA coatings. Undeformable, does not deteriorate. Excellent hot thermoforming. Adapted for footwear and leather goods (handbag, belt, small leather goods). Available in different thicknesses.


Materials for flexible toe puffs. Made with an aqueous dispersion. Available with EVA, PUR coatings. Undeformable, excellent thermoforming. Available in different thicknesses.


Non-breaking polyamide material series. Available with different degrees of tear resistance. Adapted for footwear and leather goods. Available in white or black.


Composite material for reinforcement, made from renewable and eco-sustainable sources. Fully biodegradable version with or without thermo-adhesive side. Excellent extension and tear resistance. Adapted for leather goods and footwear (thin leather). Available in different thicknesses and in graphite or sand shades.


Its main property is a high fabric density which leads to a soft touch suitable for several types of applications, similar to micro-fiber.


Extruded composite materials for leather reinforcements. Available with polyester coatings. Undeformable, does not deteriorate. Excellent compatibility with water-based edge paints. Adapted for leather goods, more specifically, handbags, belts and small leather goods. Available in different thicknesses.


Thermofusible film with an EVA or PUR base. Adapted for laminating leather and synthetic materials for footwear and leather goods. Available in different weights.


Gutta cotton fabrics. Available with PUR, EVA coatings. Specifically adapted for footwear and leather goods. Available in raw, white or black shades


Transparent PVC in different thicknesses to make windows on wallets or card holders.


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We want you to have the same confidence in our industrial chemicals as we have in people. We have total confidence in our customers and employees. The human qualities that drive us every day are reflected in the products we design and manufacture.

We are not interested in offering just a decent service and a decent industrial chemical product. We want to offer the very best. This is the reason why we are constantly improving our production and management methods. We want to meet the demands of our customers in the best possible way and to provide our employees with an optimal working environment.

Making our industrial adhesives last is our mission. Time is a key element in their application. It is also the case in all the steps preceding their application. We are constantly working to respond to you in a timely manner because we believe that the quality of a relationship reflects the ability to react.

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