Eco-friendly garment bags for travel made in Europe


Do you work for the luxury goods or clothing industry? Do you want to offer your customers high quality bags for travel sourced and made in Europe? You will find all what you need at Keck Chimie, your industrial products manufacturer with over a century of history. Discover premium garment bags for travel produced by our new partner, Italian company Langé.

Diversification to serve the textile industry

At Keck Chimie, we are committed to supporting more and more manufacturers with our high-quality, sustainable industrial products. When it comes to textiles, we already offer you our reinforcement fabrics, adapted to different elements and some of them being biodegradable, designed to last and meet your ecological concerns.

To continue to provide you with the best solutions for your industry, we are expanding our textiles range with garment, suit and footwear bags for travel. They are made from environmentally-friendly fabrics and manufactured in Europe. They are the fruit of a new partnership with Italian company Langé.

A new partnership for textiles sourced in Europe

Langé company, our new trusted partner, was established in 1941. It produces and markets cotton and mixed fabrics through industrial processes focused on innovation and sustainability. The cotton is ethically sourced, and the fabrics are made from GOTS-certified organic or GRS-labeled recycled raw materials. Use of chemical substances complies with REACH requirements and SVHC list (Substances of Very High Concern).

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification guarantees environmentally-friendly production and processing, concern for improving working conditions, use of organic fibers and a ban on toxic inputs such as heavy metals and aromatic solvents. The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) label is awarded to textiles containing at least 50% of recycled materials.

To further limit the impact of the production on the environment, the wastewater is channeled to an industrial collector specializing in the sustainable disposal of wastewater.

Garment bags for travel made close to you

With this supplier situated nearby, Keck Chimie meets its responsiveness targets. Our teams are able to process your orders for garment and footwear travel bags as soon as possible, thanks to short delivery times.

There’s no need to order your travel bags from Asia, as you would be dependent on the risks of complicated logistics and wouldn’t be able to offer your customers the very best in traceability. For the luxury goods and top-of-the-range clothing industries, certified and sourced transport textiles are a pledge of your commitment to your customers. They testify to your consideration in the rigorous selection of your entire offer and to your values in favor of sustainable and quality consumption.

Keck Chimie, your partner for sustainable industrial textiles

For over 100 years, Keck Chimie has been committed to its industrial customers. Its chemical products used in industry are recognized worldwide and are the fruit of continuous research and development.

Do you need textiles to transport your clothes, suits and footwear? Choose the excellence offered by Keck Chimie and its Italian partner Langé. Please contact our company contact Keck Chimie with any questions or orders.


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