Paints, varnishes & inks

As chemical products for footwear, our paints and varnishes are developed and adjusted to any specific request. The raw materials, in particular pigments and dyes, are rigorously selected to avoid migration and ensure stability over time.

Versatile products

Paints, varnishes & inks

Versatile products

Our screen printing inks are used to manufacture sports equipment (footballs, handballs, rugby balls, basketballs), but also for logo printing on plastics and footwear.


Our paints, varnishes and screen printing inks can be perfectly combined with all the products in the same range: all our products are designed to be complementary!

All our paints for PVC soles

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Paint for PVC. Available in all shades. (Apply with a brush or a glue gun)

All our paints for polyurethane and TPU soles

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Paint for PUR. Available in all shades. (Apply with a brush or a glue gun)

All our paints for TR soles

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Matt spray to even out the appearance of TR soles. Also possible with rubber imitation touch. (Apply with a glue gun)

All our paints for rubber and EVA soles

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Paint for rubber and EVA. Available in all shades. (Apply with a brush or a glue gun)

6990 (with hardener 857/6)

Bi-component paint for rubber and EVA. Available in all shades. (Apply with a glue gun)

Brush paints

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Brush paint, to obtain an antique brushed effect. Can be used with different materials (PUR, TR, rubber, EVA). Available in all shades.

All our ABS and polystyrene varnishes

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Special development, gloss varnish. (Apply with a glue gun).


Velvet effect varnish, to be used on already varnished heels. (Apply with a glue gun).


Anti-limestone product (for water and heel cooling).

All our screen printing inks

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8970 SPI

Bi-component PUR screen printing ink for PUR and PVC for use with 857/3 hardener. Available in all shades.

8930 SPI

Mono-component screen printing ink for PUR and PVC. Available in all shades.


The experience and reliability of a century's existence





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We want you to have the same confidence in our industrial chemicals as we have in people. We have total confidence in our customers and employees. The human qualities that drive us every day are reflected in the products we design and manufacture.

We are not interested in offering just a decent service and a decent industrial chemical product. We want to offer the very best. This is the reason why we are constantly improving our production and management methods. We want to meet the demands of our customers in the best possible way and to provide our employees with an optimal working environment.

Making our industrial adhesives last is our mission. Time is a key element in their application. It is also the case in all the steps preceding their application. We are constantly working to respond to you in a timely manner because we believe that the quality of a relationship reflects the ability to react.

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