Footwear adhesives

Our chemical products for footwear include a wide range of strong adhesives: aqueous, solvent-based or specially designed for use in industrial environments. Some of these are biosourced, in order to better respect the environment

Versatile and resistant adhesives

Polyurethane adhesive

For footwear assembly

The effectiveness of an adhesive depends first of all on the material to which you are going to apply it. Ideal for joining TR, PVC, PUR, rubber and leather soles with synthetic fabrics or other greasy skins, polyurethane adhesives have always lived up to our expectations.


Versatile and ultra-resistant, this footwear adhesive can be used on all kinds of soles.

All our polyurethane adhesives

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Special adhesive for gluing carded elastomeric soles without halogenation and with carding. (Mono- or bi-component, apply with a brush).


Adhesive with a softer film and a lower reactivation temperature (approx. 50°C). Very high quality. Ideal for cupsoles and synthetic materials due to the relatively low reactivation temperature. (Mono- or bi-component, apply with a brush or a glue gun).


High-performance universal adhesive, suitable for gluing almost all footwear materials (after prior adapted treatment), e.g. leather, rubber, PUR, PVC, TR, TPU. Very high initial tack, adhesive specially adapted for tensioned or raised sole materials. Reactivation temperature approx. 65°C. (Mono- or bi-component, apply with a brush or a glue gun).


Adhesive for direct injection of PUR soles on halogenated rubber soles. (Bi-component, apply with a glue gun).


Impregnation for absorbent leather uppers with high fat content. Use with 5% of hardener 852 or 850. (Bi-component, apply with a brush or a glue gun)

KECK-PUR 715/14

Contact adhesive with an open time (cold gluing) of about 15 min. For cold coating work. If the open time is exceeded, this glue can be reactivated (reactivation temperature approx. 50°C). (Mono- or bi-component, apply with a brush or a glue gun)


Specialised for PVC or TR injection, robot application.

Polychloroprene adhesive

Polychloroprene adhesive

For various repairs, polychloroprene adhesive is much more effective. It is a synthetic resin-based adhesive for footwear. It offers a more efficient bonding and enables a good assembly of soles made of natural materials (such as rubber and leather). It can be applied manually or with a glue machine (or a gun).

All our polychloroprene adhesives

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Special adhesive for crepe soles and synthetic materials. (Mono- or bi-component, apply with a brush or a glue gun)


Very good initial setting, is also recommended for belt gluing. (Mono- or bi-component, apply with a brush or a glue gun)


Quick-mounting adhesive, for brackets, bonding leather soles, good initial setting, high heat resistance. (Mono-component, apply with a brush or a glue gun)


Properties identical to the 808 with an open time of 2 hours. (Mono-component, apply with a brush or a glue gun)

KECK-PREN 832/45

Very good long open-time mounting adhesive, high viscosity, is also used for spacers. (Mono-component, apply with a brush)


Mounting adhesive with clear film, which is also very well suited for preparation operations in quilting workshops. (Mono-component, apply with a brush)


Versatile adhesive for gluing leather, cork, fabric and some TRs without prior halogenation. (Mono-component, apply with a brush)

Extra strong adhesive

Extra strong adhesive

The high resistance of our extra strong adhesive will be an asset in the manufacturing and we are sure thant you will find all you need in our catalogue.


Quick-drying or quick-setting adhesive, transparent adhesive or even bi-component glue, our adhesive can meet all the requirements of the footwear industry. We also have adhesives of various viscosities as well as hardeners.

All our latex and dispersion adhesives

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Disperses polyurethane. Eco-friendly contact adhesive for the connection between rod and sole on PUR, PVC, elastomer, TR, rubber (after adapted preparation). Reactivable adhesive (approx. 60°C). (Mono- or bi-component, apply with a glue gun or a brush)


Disperses polyurethane. Eco-friendly adhesive adapted for backfilling, lining and gluing of particularly difficult leather and synthetic materials. Cold gluing. (Mono- or bi-component, apply with a glue gun or a brush)


Disperses polychloroprene. Versatile eco-friendly adhesive suitable for gluing leathers, synthetic materials, foams, fabrics, textiles, wood. Very good initial tack, fast coagulation, excellent resistance to temperature and hydrolysis. (Mono-component, apply with a glue gun or a brush)


Mixture of natural latex and polychloroprene in dispersion. Contact adhesive for bonding leather and synthetic textile materials. (Apply with a glue gun or a brush)


Natural latex. Biosourced contact adhesive for the assembly of leather-on-leather lining. (Apply with a glue gun)

KECK-DIS 753/9

Synthetic latex. Eco-friendly contact adhesive for fitting toe puffs, insoles and gluing linings. (Apply with a glue gun)

All our solvents, diluents, paint strippers

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Solvent 10

Water-based product for cleaning leather uppers before applying finishing product.

Solvent 229

Multi-purpose solvent, as well as a diluent for PUR adhesives.

Solvent 309

Diluent for screen printing inks.

Solvent 318

For cleaning varnished leather.

Solvent 430

For cleaning rubber material before halogenation.

Solvent 551

Lightweight, for cleaning leather before applying finish or paint.

Solvent 951/10

Special solvent for PUR, is also used in preparation instead of carding PUR materials before gluing.

Solvent 952

Multi-purpose, diluent for PU adhesives.

Solvent 960

Diluent for Neoprene adhesives.

Solvent 996/3

For soaking styrene-based stiffeners.

All our primers, hardeners, additives

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Primer 862/6

Two-component halogenant. Preparation of rubber and TR materials. Once mixed, must be used within 12 hours.

Primer 862/10

One-component halogenating agent with built-in UV developer (making it possible to check the regularity of application). Preparation of light rubber and TR material. Shelf life approx. 6 months.

Primer 864/15

Coating for polystyrene.



Fast hardener recommended for all KECK-PUR and KECK-PREN adhesives as well as for injection. Good resistance to migration with oily leathers, open time approx. 3 hours.


Slow hardener for all types of KECK-PUR adhesives. Open time approx. 1 day.

KECK-DUR 846/1

Recommended hardener for all types of KECK-PUR adhesives. This hardener is less sensitive to yellowing and provides resistance to hydrolysis and chemicals.


Recommended slow hardener for all KECK-DIS PUR-based adhesives. Open time approx. 1 day.

Pigments and UV additive

Adhesive pigment 9806

Is used for the pigmentation of KECK-PUR and KECK-PREN adhesives.

Special UV additive 930/3

Additive for KECK-PUR, KECK-PREN and primer (UV developer to control the regularity of gluing). Some references are available ready-to-use with this additive.

Special adhesives

KECK-Special 901

Nitrile rubber vulcanising adhesive.

Uniflex 602

Adhesive suitable for coating operations, especially before stitching. This adhesive does not significantly alter the natural flexibility of the leather.

KECK-Therm ECO 500 polyester

Polyester thermofusible adhesive on a roll, for mounting machine.

KECK-Therm ECO 600 polyamide

Polyamide thermofusible adhesive on a roll, for assembly machine.

Ultrabond 900

Adhesive adapted for gluing natural and synthetic coatings to EVA, PE, PP and EP materials.


The experience and reliability of a century's existence





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We want you to have the same confidence in our industrial chemicals as we have in people. We have total confidence in our customers and employees. The human qualities that drive us every day are reflected in the products we design and manufacture.

We are not interested in offering just a decent service and a decent industrial chemical product. We want to offer the very best. This is the reason why we are constantly improving our production and management methods. We want to meet the demands of our customers in the best possible way and to provide our employees with an optimal working environment.

Making our industrial adhesives last is our mission. Time is a key element in their application. It is also the case in all the steps preceding their application. We are constantly working to respond to you in a timely manner because we believe that the quality of a relationship reflects the ability to react.

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