Footwear Adhesives & Chemicals



Industrial chemicals for Footwear industries :

For footwear manufacturers:

  • safety footwear: release agents, pigment pastes, mould cleaners, injection adhesives, waxes and paints
  • men’s, women’s and children’s dress shoes: reinforcement fabrics, adhesives, paints, varnishes, waxes and polishes, screen-printing inks

For manufacturers of soles:

  • polyurethane soles: release agents for polyester and polyether foam, mono and dual density, pigment pastes, mould cleaners
  • rubber soles: release agents, paints
  • EVA soles: release agents, paints, mould cleaners
  • Elastomer soles: paints and finishing products

For heel manufacturers:

  • ABS heels: varnish for manual or machine application
  • polystyrene heels: varnish for manual or machine application

Our product lines of Adhesives & Chemicals for Footwear

Adhesives for footwear

Colles industrielles

The high quality of our adhesives for footwear, especially in the field of polyurethanes, has contributed greatly to our company’s reputation. Because of our diverse product range, you can find the solution to all your bonding needs.

Release agents and cleaners for footwear

Agent de démoulage

With over 40 years of experience in the field, we work in collaboration with foam manufacturers and users to offer a range of products designed to meet the market’s needs such as release agents and cleaners for footwear

Pigment pastes

Pâte colorante industrielle

We have developed a range of pigment pastes for colouring polyurethane foams before pouring and mould cleaners. They are formulated from pigments selected for their stability and dissolved in polyurethane.

Paints, varnishes & screen-printing inks

Peintures industrielles

Adapted for today’s materials and current production techniques, our paints & varnishes for footwear are developed and adjusted to meet specific requirements. The raw materials are carefully selected to prevent migration and to ensure stability over time.

Finishing products

Do you want a wax-look or a satin gloss finish? Do you want to make a colour uniform or repair patent leather? Tell us about your project and we will work with you to find a solution. Our comprehensive range of finishing products for footwear will meet all your expectations.

Toe-puffs, counters

bouts, contreforts et toiles de renforts

For almost 25 years, Keck Chimie has been the exclusive distributor in France for ICF Forestali’s toe-puffs and counters for all types of footwear. Their fabrics are available uncoated or with thermo-adhesive coating on one or two sides and at different strengths.

Inks for footwear

Peintures industrielles

We can offer you inks for screen printing and pad printing for footwear. Don’t hesitate to contact us.